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The visual guide to Metallica’s 80’s singles. The “internet metal community” absolutely hated it, but you can read it here.


I’m wont to believe this kind of manipulation, when done with pure intent, helps further a grand, beautiful idea, like Hulk Hogan and the Iron Sheik, at historic Madison Square Garden, Jan 23, 1984. Without some scripting and engineering, they’d have just been two old dudes fake fighting each other. Original Piece here.

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3693-Crazed CMYK

Illustration: Phil Cannon

Moving to Salt Lake City was a culture shock in more ways than one. I could handle the mormons and the fact that people seem to use the words “movie” and “show” interchangeably, but I was hardly prepared for those interminable winters which seemed to sneak up in the middle of fall, and then wrap the city in a slushy stranglehold for 6 miserable months. Fortunately for me, a marauding band of skateboarding weirdos took me under their mottled wing and showed me how to truly HUFF the marrow from a salt city summer before everything was doused in a crippling, powdery white. Full piece here.


Photo: Panzer Photography

It seems the spirit of healthy dueling stirs everyone’s nethers, and Magnethead offers a set of Heavy wheels to the best trick at the rail. Clad in a thematically appropriate Orlando Magic jersey and some sagging chinos, “Eminem” fast-fingers it with a buttery boardslide. Competition migrates back to the quarter (“Blood Wizard shirt for the best flyout!”) and I study the throbbing skateboard wizardry enveloping the park.

Full story here.